March 10, 2020

DIRECT CONTACT continues to receive glowing reviews. In its spring 2020 edition, The Piano Magazine (Clavier Companion) hailed it as follows: “Roberta Rust’s artistry stretches across the Americas and bridges many sonic worlds...Rust showcases her own versatility and depth in her bluesy drawl (Rochberg’s Blues), jazzy lyricism (Anderson’s Thirteen Plus 4), dry and crisp touch (Brouwer’s Choco), virtuosic runs (Prado’s Halley), playful declamations (Sharpley’s Doodle), and musical introspection (Zwilich’s Lament). This valuable catalog of compositions spans seven decades, and follows Rust’s career over the last thirty-three years.”

June 10, 2019


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June 3, 2019

"Inside Story" interview is now live on the PARMA blog. Here is the link.

May 24, 2019

Roberta's latest album on Navona Records entitled "DIRECT CONTACT" is now availalbe to order on Amazon.

Listen to a sample track here.

“Rust is a virtuoso of the highest order and the best possible advocate for this music. She has masterly control of tone...her technical control in difficult passagework is clean, the direction of each phrase clear and always musical. This is a memorable program.” — American Record Guide
“The programming of the various pieces is excellent and she plays everything very well, providing a nice recital that is beautifully recorded (the piano sounds as if it’s right in your living room)” — The Art Music Lounge
“Rust’s own catholicity of taste is evident in her choice of these pieces...Rust plays everything on the CD with fine technique and obvious dedication” — Infodad
“The piano has the perfect presence and this further enhances her delicate performances of the lyrical music on this album. This is an excellent collection of pieces all well worth hearing and further exploring for anyone interested in accessible contemporary piano music.” Cinemusical
“It's a diverse and entertaining release, which wonderfully showcases Rust's versatility at the piano.” Review Graveyard